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Internet Marketing Research Beginner Guide

Having good Internet Marketing research skills is important for establishing a successful online business. You should be aware of concepts such as keyword research, strength of competition, market products, and market testing. If you do not have an understanding of these concepts then this guide has been written for you.

Keyword Research

When you have a niche that you would like to market in you will need to find out what keywords people are using to find information in that niche. You can do this by thinking of niche terms. For example in the dating niche, terms could be - dating, pick up, rapport, kissing, love, etc. Take your niche terms and use them in keyword research tools such as wordtracker and Google Adwords tool.

At this point you will have a list of long-tail keywords(keywords with 3 or more words). These are the keywords you should aim for because they will most likely have less competition. You will want to take note of the daily searches the keywords get. The next step is to find exactly how many competing sites there are for the particular keywords you choose.

This can be done by using keyword research tools or by going to search engine such as Google and putting that particular keyword in quotations. General rule of thumb is to pick long tail keywords that have a high volume of searches and low volume of competition. For example, 1000 daily searches and 100,000 competing sites is pretty good. But keep in mind that the number of competition is not as important as the strength of competition.

Strength of Competition

Strength of competition involves the competing sites' Alexa rank, page reputation, total pages indexed, total backlinks, page rank of incoming links, relevance of content, their Google page rank, and many others.

If the strength of competition is low , even if there is a lot of competing sites, the keyword will be easy to rank for. There are tools like Market Samurai and Micro Niche finder that can help in finding the strength of competition.

In the next part of my guide, It will discuss how to find products to sell in your market and how to test your market to see if it has any commercial viability.

So in conclusion I hope that you were able to get an understanding of keyword research and strength of competition. Concentrating some of your internet marketing efforts on these two aspects will help your online business succeed.

Why Internet Connection Freezes Up

One should not complain about losing the Internet connection when the PC has none in the first place. It is usually common to get complaints from those computer owners who think that Internet connection comes free with the unit. When they get the internet connection they complain that it dead slow, the next thing which one comes to know is that internet completely freezes.

Usual causes of Internet connection freezes

One can easily tell some of the causes while others might need a professional attention:
1. Corrupt registry: When the registry keys, classes and settings get corrupted, Windows errors messages will start appearing. The PC registry has all the computer settings and the more a PC is used, the registry gets more complicated. The registry gets filled as more and more programs are used. The PC registry has to be cleaned for solving this problem. This will decrease the chances of internet and PC freezes in general. A registry cleaner can be used for this purpose.

Working process of registry:

- Windows seeks the PC registry for knowing the system's hardware and software components.
- Windows is taught by the PC registry to know what to do and to run various programs and files.
- Sometimes the PC registry can contain corrupted information. This results in Windows unable to know what to do. This can further result in a groove and because Windows is confused not knowing what to do, so the computer freezes including the Internet connection.

This is the same situation which slows down the internet connection. One has to be cautious in cleaning the PC registry. Good information and bad information has to be separated from each other.

2. Buffering issues: One more possible reason why the Internet connection starts to freeze is when an application is running that lacks memory. The computer freezes as a response to it. It is called a memory hog by experts; it is technically termed as "index.dat". The PC takes time to read it and it reaches a point where the registry gets expanded. This blocks all the websites that are browsed and one can well imagine how the PC will take the burden of this.

To solve this problem, an XP disc is needed. It takes care of the reformatting of the PC. A back up of important files should also be prepared because reformatting completely erases all the files. A CD or DVD back up will be good.

Considering these issues can help in avoiding internet freezes. If the problem is very stiff then a computer professional would have to be consulted. Although having a faster internet connection can unfortunately not ensure a stable one. If a connection speed is 1 MB per second and only half of that is being delivered, then the problem is not with the router or modem but your Internet Service Provider (ISP). When a connection problem is experienced, the strength of the local connection must be checked. Phone lines were the only connection used to access the internet in the early days. With the passage of time, technology has rapidly advanced and better chances of connecting to the internet are available aside from dial-up, the modern technology of broadband connections are DSL, ADSL and wireless.

Advantages of Using the Internet Nowadays

After many revisions, in the 1960's many physical computers and networks were created by the Department of Defense. This system linked nodes to several different networks of computers at United States Universities including those at Stanford, University of California, and University of Utah. The project grew very rapidly in the 1970's, and soon over 57 computer networks were linked by the year 1975. The project was known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, and was just a beginning to internet services world wide.

The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. He is also the person who used the symbol "@" meaning "at". Five years later the Queen of England presented a demonstration of the internet service and sent her first email coming from an Army base in Britain. In 1974, the term "internet" was first made popular. In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee invented the "www" which stands for World Wide Web.

Today the internet is used for a variety of things. Students and teachers use the internet for information regarding school work. Parents use the internet for home and play. Many businessmen use the internet for work purposes. The internet has so many possibilities. About anything you want to know, just type it in the internet search bar and you will get several results for your question. Furthermore, many people use the internet for social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. The internet has become a major learning tool for people of all ages.

When you log onto the internet, you will be using the World Wide Web to find the information that you need. You will first have to choose an internet browser that you would like to use for your search. Many people go with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox; they are the two most popular. Other browsers include Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. The choice is yours, you simply need to log on and download the browser you prefer. After the browser is downloaded you need to click on the icon on your desktop.

The browser will pop up and you are ready to begin your internet search. If you have a web address you simply type it in the top address bar to be taken to your requested internet page. You may also type a keyword in the search bar located next to the address bar in order to search a particular word or phrase.

There are so many different advantages of using the internet. You can create an email address by going to a popular free web site such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail. Once your email is set up you can start sending friends and family letters via the internet instead of waiting on the traditional United States Postal Service. This is a major advantage that many people worldwide use. Also, you can talk to people all over the world by using one of many popular messaging services. Many families of people who are serving overseas use their web cams to communicate with their families while they are serving their country.

The internet is also used for entertainment purposes. Today many people play games on one of the popular web sites. There are many games for people of all ages, including children. Some popular games include Poker, Farkle, Tetris, Bejeweled, and casino games. Furthermore, popular networking sites such as Facebook offer a wide variety of games including the popular FarmVille.

Additionally, the internet has become a popular place to listen to music and watch movies. You can search sites such as You Tube and watch about any music video you would like. The entertainment possibilities are numerous when one has the internet. The internet has become a very important and entertaining service worldwide today. With so many different possibilities for browsing, you will never get bored when you have internet services.

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