Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Internet Connection Freezes Up

One should not complain about losing the Internet connection when the PC has none in the first place. It is usually common to get complaints from those computer owners who think that Internet connection comes free with the unit. When they get the internet connection they complain that it dead slow, the next thing which one comes to know is that internet completely freezes.

Usual causes of Internet connection freezes

One can easily tell some of the causes while others might need a professional attention:
1. Corrupt registry: When the registry keys, classes and settings get corrupted, Windows errors messages will start appearing. The PC registry has all the computer settings and the more a PC is used, the registry gets more complicated. The registry gets filled as more and more programs are used. The PC registry has to be cleaned for solving this problem. This will decrease the chances of internet and PC freezes in general. A registry cleaner can be used for this purpose.

Working process of registry:

- Windows seeks the PC registry for knowing the system's hardware and software components.
- Windows is taught by the PC registry to know what to do and to run various programs and files.
- Sometimes the PC registry can contain corrupted information. This results in Windows unable to know what to do. This can further result in a groove and because Windows is confused not knowing what to do, so the computer freezes including the Internet connection.

This is the same situation which slows down the internet connection. One has to be cautious in cleaning the PC registry. Good information and bad information has to be separated from each other.

2. Buffering issues: One more possible reason why the Internet connection starts to freeze is when an application is running that lacks memory. The computer freezes as a response to it. It is called a memory hog by experts; it is technically termed as "index.dat". The PC takes time to read it and it reaches a point where the registry gets expanded. This blocks all the websites that are browsed and one can well imagine how the PC will take the burden of this.

To solve this problem, an XP disc is needed. It takes care of the reformatting of the PC. A back up of important files should also be prepared because reformatting completely erases all the files. A CD or DVD back up will be good.

Considering these issues can help in avoiding internet freezes. If the problem is very stiff then a computer professional would have to be consulted. Although having a faster internet connection can unfortunately not ensure a stable one. If a connection speed is 1 MB per second and only half of that is being delivered, then the problem is not with the router or modem but your Internet Service Provider (ISP). When a connection problem is experienced, the strength of the local connection must be checked. Phone lines were the only connection used to access the internet in the early days. With the passage of time, technology has rapidly advanced and better chances of connecting to the internet are available aside from dial-up, the modern technology of broadband connections are DSL, ADSL and wireless.


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